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About us

Al-Tuaam Catering Company was started off by enthusiastic event planners who believed in bringing personalized, competitive, and trendy solutions to corporate and other clients. 
Years down the line, we are now commended for offering top-notch wedding planning services. We have accomplished our dreams and goals through sheer dedication and hard work; Al-Tuaam has never failed to exceed its customers’ expectations by being persistent with amazing and timely services.
We work on every event from scratch to bring in creativity and latest ideas to make it a success. You can share with us your ideas and suggestions regarding an event and our experts will help you decide on critical designing and management aspects. Attention to detail is at the heart of every event organized by our company. We take pride in exclusivity. 
Before becoming a part of Al-Tuaam, each staff member gets exclusive and comprehensive training that refines their skill and prepare them to serve the diverse needs of our clients. We ensure that all staff members not only possess the skills but the passion to serve people and also know the art of enthralling them by being best at their job. 


Food is the striking highlight of all festivities and events in our country. Be it a Mehndi, a corporate dinner or an anniversary celebration, food ought to be awesome. A breathtaking and exquisite decoration and the arrangement would not be counted if the food fails to please the taste buds of your guests. The kind of food you serve on an event would be talked about and remembered for years to come, so choose your caterer wisely.

  • Exotic menu
  • Palette tickling
  • Freshly prepared
  • Original seasonings
  • Variety of dishes
  • Hygienic

Setting a Benchmark

We believe in excellence which is why we ensure high-quality services that perfectly fit the bill. Our catering staff guarantees all food items exceed the set standards of quality. From preparing the personalized menu items to serving in a proper way on every table, we aim to give your guests a delightful food experience that they are likely to remember for a long time.


We value customer satisfaction. Our services are geared towards helping you create memorable events that are the beacon of your life.