Pakistani Food and Barbeque

Food is the striking highlight of all festivities and events in our country. Be it a Mehndi, a corporate dinner or an anniversary celebration, food ought to be awesome. A breathtaking and exquisite decoration and the arrangement would not be counted if the food fails to please the taste buds of your guests. The kind of food you serve on an event would be talked about and remembered for years to come, so choose your caterer wisely.
At Al-Tuaam, we aim to bring scrumptious food that is prepared with the highest quality ingredients in a hygienic environment; moreover, we always serve our dishes fresh and warm except for desserts and ice cream. 
With Experts in our kitchen, we know how to make food that instantly delights the guests. Blend of spices and the temperature under which the food acquires the amazing taste, our chefs know the secret to preparing flavorsome event food. 
We offer all varieties in rice, curry, chicken/beef/mutton/lamb and seafood, you name it and we make it with recipes that are original and mouthwatering. We have dedicated chefs excelling the taste in different food varieties. Likewise, no one can beat the quality and the taste delivered by our experts in Pakistani food and BBQ. Be it the main course, starter or sidelines, we know how to make lip-smacking Pakistani cuisines that are ardently served on personal and corporate events. Tell us about your menu preferences and we will have them prepared better than your expectations.