Organizing Milads

Milad is one of the most important religious events that need arrangements according to the zest and fervor of how it is celebrated. Al-Tuaam Caterers understands that religious events require a certain kind of ambiance, décor, and seating arrangements. Catering of top-notch quality is provided as per the menu requested with only fresh and high-quality food ingredients used.  A stage or floor seating can be arranged as per your requirements. We can also arrange for sound or other multimedia equipment if you want to use projection screens for addressing to larger audiences. We have the latest hi-tech gear including plasma TVs, projectors, sound systems, picture projectors and other devices for wireless presentations, superb quality mikes and speakers. Additionally, we are capable of catering to bigger crowds, as per the seating capacity of the venue selected.  Moreover, floral arrangements can be made as per the theme of your Milad. We always use fresh floral décor.